srijeda, 11. travnja 2012.

Epic Traffic Bot is almost there!!!

Epic Traffic  Bot by Richard Newton is a new software for automatic link building that will change the way Internet marketers work. It has many usefull functions such as decaptcha, auto email verification, spinner and many more options which will boost your site traffic by a huge amount.You will love this new software as much as i do. 

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nedjelja, 8. travnja 2012.

First Look at Epic Traffic Bot

After getting access to Epic Traffic Bot early I wanted to give you my first l thoughts on this new product. It`s very interesting to be honest, it certainly looks like something that many people are going to be excited about!
I’ve been going through the training videos that show you exactly how to use this system to drive traffic. They are good training videos, very detailed and very easy to understand.
Anyway this is just a quick update to let you know that everything at the moment is good and it is something that I look forward to sharing more information about.
If you are looking for a full Epic Traffic Bot review just check back here on the launch day.

Generate More Traffic Using Epic Traffic Bot

Epic Traffic Bot is being released very soon on the 12th April. I will get an early copy so make sure you check out my Epic Traffic Bot review and huge bonus.  There are all sorts of ways to bring in traffic to your Internet Marketing projects. Some methods are quite popular and are used regularly by just about every Internet Marketer. Others are less often used but nonetheless effective. What you need to understand and what is important to understand is that basically getting traffic is exactly the same as getting attention. It is important to get eyes on your projects so that you can convince the brain behind those eyes that your product is worth buying. This process is a lot more fun if you can get creative with it. In the following paragraphs we’re going to talk about some of the most creative manual things you can do when you want more traffic or just use Epic Traffic Bot.
Offer to do guest posting on blogs within your niche. You’ll find guest posting can be very beneficial for online business. What it is best at, however, is introducing you and your projects to an entirely new audience and piquing their curiosity about whatever it is that you have to offer. The best way to do guest posting is to pay attention to which bloggers are complaining about not having enough time. Contact these bloggers and offer to write a post for them in exchange for a link back to your own blog. You’ll be helping out fellow IMers and building good relationships while also helping yourself. You’ll be pleased by the opportunities that become available if your content is good quality.
Go to local business events if you can. Your local community probably puts on events and mixers for small businesses all the time.
When these events happen, you will get to know what is going on in your community. They’re great places to make local connections and form partnerships and relationships. Through your participation at these events, you will have more and more people begin to visit your websites to see what you’re doing. Hand out your business card and get to know the people you meet. When you start to connect with people at these events, you will start to see a lot of traffic come your way as a result.
Social bookmarking services have been falling out of fashion as social media and networking sites have gotten more popular. That doesn’t mean that they have gone away though. Perhaps you have heard of a couple of them – Stumble Upon and Digg to name a few. Remember to promote more than just your own sites, though as the users of these sites will see right through that. Instead focus almost entirely on promoting others. It is a good idea to have a well-done profile. So when you start promoting other people, others will take notice, check out your profile and go to your websites as a result. Make sure that everything you link to is useful in some way. Never over bookmark! Sharing too much will not help you at all. There are so many different ways to generate traffic for your business. Most people tend to stick with what they already know to work. It’s fine if you want to take this route but remember that it is filled with heavy competition. If you allow yourself to be creative and use your Epic Traffic Bot then you face less competition and your traffic will be more likely to convert.

Who is Richard Newton – Creator of Epic Traffic Bot

Richard Newton is the man behind Epic Traffic Bot and he is a well known internet marketer. He has worked with other marketers such as Tim Bekker and he is somebody who you will want to listen to when it comes to making money. I’m not one to hype people up but I know when somebody knows what they are doing and when it comes to internet marketing this guy knows the score!
His last product concentrated on mobile traffic and actually used a mobile traffic app which was pretty cool, this product was a huge success!
He has been working behind the scenes on other products with the likes of Tim Bekker and he is part of an elite group called the CB Cash Team.
I’m personally excited about giving you all the details on Epic Traffic Bot, I’m receiving my review access very soon and I’m just sure that this will be an awesome product that is most definitely worth taking a look at. If you want a real review and want to know the full score on this product just check back here on the launch date and I will share with you everything I know so that you can decide whether you want to buy this product or not.

What is Epic Traffic Bot??

Epic Traffic Bot is a fully automated SEO software with inbuilt decaptcha, spinner, proxies, auto signup & email verification, in fact the features this software has makes it clear thet it should be one of the  SEO softwares out there.